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There has been and will continue to be produced many different maps of Aboriginal Australia, whilst there is no current definitive map there are some maps which are widely used by Aboriginal people, for example:


Aboriginal Australia - published by AIATSIS

Tindale Map - created by Norman B Tindale

We will provide online references to these maps and others that we are aware of, please use the information provided from these websites and Our Languages for research and reference only.  Inaccuracies may certainly exist.

David R Horton is the creator of the Indigenous Language Map. This map is based on language data gathered by Aboriginal Studies Press, AIATSIS and Auslig/Sinclair, Knight, Merz, (1996). The map attempts to represent all of the language or tribal or nation groups of Indigenous people of Australia. The Indigenous Language Map is just one representation of other map sources that are available for describing Aboriginal Australia. This map indicates only the general location of larger groupings of people which may include smaller groups such as clans, dialects or individual languages in a group. Boundaries are not intended to be…
Norman Tindale's map of Aboriginal group boundaries at the time of European contact, published in 1974. Tindale worked on this map for fifty years. When he began that project during the 1920s the popular view was that Aboriginal groups roamed across the landscape, with no fixed territories. This map is therefore a crucial document in Australian cultural history; graphic evidence that no part of Australia was terra nullius, empty land.
Aboriginal Australia is made up of many different nations, each nation maintained its own langauge. Most people think that there is only one Aboriginal language in Australia- this is a misconception! The exact number of Aboriginal languages that existed in Australia prior to colonisation is unknown but it is estimated that there may have been around 600.
Aboriginal Australia Art & Culture Centre ?
This map is published by Tourism New South Wales
The Aboriginal Australia wall map represents work carried out for the Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia. Using the published resources available between 1988 and 1994, the map attempts to represent language, tribal or nation groups of Australia's Indigenous peoples. AIATSIS - http://www.aiatsis.gov.au/asp/map.html Alternative link at National Archives of Australia - http://www.foundingdocs.gov.au/pathways.asp